As a dynamic design build firm we offer an ever evolving range of services and love new challenges. Below is a sampling of the majority of our ever changing services and is by no means a complete list but merely a representative sampling. If you have a need for assistance beyond those listed please feel free to contact us and we gladly look into ways we can assit. 

Construction and Project Management

Project management is one of our core services, allowing us to deliver our consulting, design, and construction services to our customers.

  • Construction Management

  • Construction Consulting Services

  • Continually review and monitor construction site progress.

  • Hold subcontractors accountable for commitments.

  • Monitor & report all activity on-site.

  • Manage contractors to original budget.

  • Eliminate inefficiencies through safe and quality operations.

  • Review pay requisitions and invoices, and recommend payment action.

  • Document, communicate, negotiate, and advise on all change orders.

  • Review and analyze progress made toward construction project milestones.

  • Develop schedule recovery strategies.

  • Schedule, lead, and document construction project meetings.

  • Document and report on daily, weekly, and monthly progress.

  • Deliver successful, positive end results.

Erosion Control
  • Grading plans

  • Erosion and sediment control plans

  • Permit applications

  • Construction observation

  • Monitoring and maintenance

  • Stormwater rehabilitation design/build

  • Compliance sampling

  • Reporting

Owner's Represenative

Garland Environmental & Geological Solutions provides “Owner’s Representation” services for any or all phases of site construction – from project start through project completion. Our services are focus on project planning, budgeting and cost control, scheduling, identification and accountability to project time constraints, change order and claims mitigation, accountability for quality requirements of the contract documents, as well as establishing and tracking all deliverables. Garland Site Solutions provides these services to property owners, developers, project investors, and others.

In offering owner’s representative services for construction, Garland Environmental & Geological Solutions assists clients through the successful completion of construction projects. We address all pre-construction and construction aspects of a project and develop effective solutions for its completion.

We develop and maintain professional working relationships with all project stakeholders. Over the course of the project, we assist in the pre-construction planning, on-site preparation, budgeting and scheduling, and day-to-day activities to successfully complete projects for our clients.

Our approach is to improve construction operations, establish accountability across the board and minimize the risks of the client and maximize the success of the project.

Expert Witness
  • Provide expert witness approach to construction site activities.

  • Provide construction consulting and management support through extensive hands-on experience.

  • Provide risk management support.

  • Justification of scope changes.

Pre-Planning and Estimating
  • Leveraging networks and resources to assist with construction site selection and procurement. Often times these services can offer the largest overall savings.

  • Develop strategic construction project planning and budgeting.

  • Forecast a comprehensive conceptual design & budget.

  • Create a reasonable & realistic construction project milestone schedule.

  • Develop project specific conceptual design and cost budgeting.

  • Conduct necessary, job specific due diligence.

  • Consult with owners on all risks and assist with any constructability and construction phasing concerns and pursue most economical development options.

  • Define project objectives and constraints (end use requirements, design goals).

  • Assist in evaluation and selection of Architect / Engineer – Define scope of services.

  • Work with local municipalities and governmental agencies regarding planning and securing permits.

  • Consult with owner's in selection and qualification of Contractors.

  • Identify and establish upfront accountability for entire project team.

Engineering Management

  • Engineering Consultant

  • Choreograph the design and engineer selection process.

  • Conduct a feasibility assessment by reviewing drawings and specifications to ensure workability.

  • Assists in expediting the design process.

  • Analyze the design cost estimate.

  • Identify and implement any potential cost savings.

  • Manage design and engineering to original budget.

  • Maintain constant, consistent focus on the construction budget.