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Garland Environmental & Geological Solutions, LLC. is dynamic design build firm with a diverse background in geology, geotechnical engineering, soils, site evaluations, specialty civil projects, construction management, and environmental compliance. Garland Environmental & Geological Solutions specializes in value added services and solutions for complex sites. We offer expert management for all of your earth science, geotechnical, and environmental needs. Soil is often the hardest material on a job site to predict and most difficult to work with. Soil is unlike steel, concrete, and other construction materials in that it is non-homogeneous and can vary greatly over a small area. It pays to understand soil, we are there to help. More often than not our service fees can be significantly less than savings we can help our clients realize. One thing all grading and excavation jobs have in common is that careful planning is the key to success. Please contact us today for a no obligation conversation about how we can potentially help save you time, money, and heartache on your next project. 

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